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Jahangir Ahmad


Jahangir is the founder of one of the most talked about brand “Bera”. He envisioned the concept in earlier 2016 along with other co-founders and merely in 9 months he launched it successfully. Like any other Entrepreneur Jahangir has experienced his share of ups and downs of his projects, startups. He expects more of them in future.

He is a solid team player and believes in fair liberty for his team mates. “I wouldn’t be here, if my team would not support me” he says always.

Jahangir has 6 years of marketing experience with specialized skill in IT Product and services marketing.

+92 91 5603447

Mian Rashed Inam Khattak

Managing Director

As a co-founder, Rashed Inam has 8 years experience in Software development management. He welcomes new ideas to the company all the time. From his previous job, he brings in specialized experiences in content development,  project management, communication with public and corporate entities.

He has a profound taste in styling and designing that lead him to co-found “Bera”.  “If I want to do something, i redirect all my energies towards it”, he says.

+92 91 5603447


Creative Director

Shehzad has exceptional crafting skills that are very rare in the current market. He has devoted more than 20 years of his life to the craft of chappal making. Shehzad is aligned with the objectives of “Bera” to bring “most comfortable Peshawari chappal” to the market.

Like us he also believes that a “Redefined” Peshawari chappal has the potential to become another trend in footwear.

+92 91 5603447