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BERA purely work on authentic products that are fabricated in specific areas of Pakistan. Moreover, all the products are traced back to the century-old handmade craft by our ancestors. And furthermore, followed and preserved by later generations. These products outshine for their distinction and acquiring at original sources.

Handmade craft

Our creativity purely emerges from tools and techniques that are human-centric. Besides they are in practice for centuries.  From stitching to decorating embroidery on product, everything is purely done handmade. Likewise, they use primitive methods & handmade craft. BERA is envisioned to work with all handmade craft. We use indigenous knowledge of Pakistani culture.

Revival of culture

At BERA, we understand the importance of culture. Therefore, we are conserving cultural wisdom using indigenous knowledge.  The creed of our artisans for perfection results in the majestic. We claim to recover all the aspects of culture which are consequently lost because of colonization.

An exquisite specimen of tradition

The versatility of the products makes it the most favored and decent wears. Thus, the design credit goes to our forefathers for such a remarkable handmade craft.  Nevertheless, BERA enhanced the outlook by working with artisans for bringing up their creative abilities.