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Fashion definition tends to evolve with the time that recede us from our own cultural values.  Consequently, BERA- was found with an audacious spirit to bring forth the indigenous craft of our forefathers in a modern look and feel. that gives new drifts to standardize modern attire.   



Curiosity to try fashion products has always dragged our intentions to work with it. After several unwanted experiences and disappointments with trying fashion stuff. It drove our mind to an idea of starting a brand of our own.


However, the immense challenge for us was to decide what to start. It didn’t take that much time because one day we were passing by the market in Peshawar. We noticed a shoemaker making a local Peshawari chappal.

As a result, this popped an idea of working with cultural products. We started to study all the products and services that our culture was providing.

Furthermore, we also noticed that how we have flushed away the indigenous knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors. This encouraged us to a more clear cause to the mainstream market with a mix of century-old craft & modern fashion.

Therefore, we set goals to bring more standards and quality in products by enhancing local creativity. We started work on redefining it with quality materials, comfort, and market dominant design. We defined our vision by naming our brand with BERA (jujube). It’s a Pashto word for a plant that survives in harsh conditions. It represents the symbol of our vision to give products of uncompromising quality and uniqueness. In short, BERA isn’t a shoe seller; it’s a brand that wants its customer happy and smiling.